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     Our successful Kickstarter Campaign has raised just enough to make Oscar, but any additional support is greatly appreciated in helping us better compensate the staff and improve the game's quality. We're taking a leap to do something different, so every little bit counts! Even some kind words for our cause are often more meaningful than you might think; it's not an easy job trying to evolve games!


Oscar releases Q4 2014. Want to simply donate to our cause? Click Here:


Questions? Encouraging pat on the back? E-mail us at

15$ CAD
35$ CAD

A digital copy of Oscar!


DRM-free for PC/Mac, Linux/iPad and more.

Explore the personal details of Oscar's world!



- DRM-free copy of Oscar

- Artbook .PDF

- Original composed soundtrack download

*Includes The Works

40$ CAD

*Includes The Works

The Crowd (36 Left!)
60$ CAD

Only available until June 1st

Put your autograph in Oscar's game world! 

Be in the game!

Have your silhouette take part in one of two important crowd scenes in the game. We'll need you to send our artists a profile picture.

We'll take your signature and embed it in the game; in the sand, graffiti'd on a wall or carved in a tree - see where you show up!

*Includes The Works

80$ CAD

*Includes The Works

100$ CAD

Only available until June 1st

Oscar soundtrack sheet music!

Your favourite childhood toy and story in the game.

Sheet music to Oscar's soundtrack as composed by designer Josh Long. Includes Piano, Cello, Violin, Guitar, and more.

Oscar explores a room full of everyone's favourite childhood toys and secrets. Send us a picture of a toy and a story and we'll put them all in one room together for everyone to check out.

*Includes The Works

$250 CAD

Only 13 remaining!

*Includes The Works

500$ CAD

All the bells and whistles!

Are you a developer?

- Test out various iterations of the game as we develop it

- A stuffed elephant plushie

- Oscar Postcards and Fridge Magnets

- Gain access to the build server

- Ask design questions regarding our choices and progress